Based on the distance between both slopes, the head quarter of the contest will be as usual in Limoux which is located perfectly in the middle and 30 min. of drive will bring you to either of the slopes. A listing of hotels can be extracted from the Limoux Tourist Information homepage:

Following the statistics of wind in our region, there is a 50/50 chance to fly on either of the slopes. Consequently a wide choice of accommodations might be interesting in the area of Limoux, Laurac or Quillan.
Concerning camping sites with the possibility to rent small holiday chalets, the following places are available in the region around Limoux:
  • Camping Caravanning*** site Airotel Grand Sud " ( which is situated between Limoux and Carcassonne (in Preixan). The organizing Team will stay there and booking is possible via their internet site.
  • Domaine d'Arnauteille" ( which is situated in Montclar between Limoux and Carcassonne.
  • Some French competitors have taken the risk of long driving distance to Laurac and rented nice mobile homes in Quillan camping "La Sapinette" (
  • Additional camping information can be taken from the following intern site that proposes camping facilities in the Aude region ( ).
  • French competitors as well hosted in the private camping LA BESSE that is situated in Camon with a distance of 38 km (38min of drive) to the slope of Laurac and 39 km (43min of drive) from St. Ferriol slope. The family Dumons offer as well high quality Chalets and mobile homes. More information on their home page:
The following hotels were used by pilots in the past:
Further accommodation is possible directly under the slope of Laurac le Grand in two propositions of “Chambres d’Hôtes” where you are hosting in a family in a friendly atmosphere:
  • Domaine Montplaisir in Laurac le Grand Henri Meister, Tel 04 68 60 52 89, 59km (approx. 1h of drive) from St. Ferriol slope
  • Las Moulinassos in Laurac le Grand François Steenkeste Tel 04 68 78 12 6, 59km (approx. 1h of drive) from St. Ferriol slope
In order to pass a nice time in the Cathare region with interesting local contacts, it was always interesting to rent one of the famous "Gîtes" (holiday apartments) that could easily be found on the relevant home-page that is for sure available in English:

General Information:

For rented mobile homes and chalets, please leave them in a tidy and clean condition (as you have found them on the first day) in order to keep good relation with these camping sites. Please note that cleaning at the end is not part of the usual rental agreement and that the user (so you) have to do it. If you have no time for end cleaning, than you may pay for it.
For most of the professional accommodations, you find the description and the prices on the relevant home pages and reservation must be done in most cases "on-line" as well as on-line pre-payment with credit card (Visa or Master Card) is possible in most cases. For sleeping in rented chalets at the proposed camping sites, sleeping bags are certainly a good solution for a comfortable night, but you can as well rent relevant bed covers.