Registration has been performed on F3XVault and actual status can be checked on:

Based on the general situation upfront to the contest, a on the spot dinner together might be organised on voluntary basis.

Please note that neither the organiser nor the club is gaining any money through this contest.

To calculate the relevant fees, please find below the relevant information:
  • contest inscription:       55€
  • Inscription for Juniors: 20€

SEPA Money Transfer can be done on the below bank account (ou par chèque pour les Français). Grouped transfers per Team or nations are possible but please mention the name of the competitors and send an explaining eMail. Payment can as well be done through PayPal but ensure no fees are charged (option: transfer to a friend). Using the payment option with F3XVault induces roughly 3€ of fees and therefor, we did not activate this function (sorry).

Bank account for international transfers:
  • Account Owner: Andreas FRICKE
  • Bank address: 5 Place de la Pyramide; 92088 Paris
  • Bank name: Fortuneo Banque
  • IBAN: FR76 1451 8292 6700 9249 0724 095

Individual PayPal Payment to friend (ensure no fees):
  • email address: a.fricke2 (at)