Registration will open on the 1st of March 2017

Pilots that want to take part of this event need to fill in the inscription form in order to transmit all necessary information to the organiser.

A dinner banquet is included in the inscription fee for the pilot but additional participants (family members) needs to pay (25€). If special vegetarian food or child meal is necessary, please inform the organiser team.

For all pilots and officials, a T-shirt will be produced.

Please note that neither the organiser nor the club is gaining any money during this contest.

In order calculate the relevant fees, please find below the relevant information:
Please take ito account that registration fees cover inscription and one menu for the registered pilot as well as one T-Shirt. Only additional T-Shirts or additional meals needs extra payment.

  • contest inscription incl. 1 banquet and 1 T-Shirt (for pilots): 70€
  • Inscription for Juniors: 20€
  • additional Diner banquet: 25€
Please tick the relevant boxes in the below form and validate your inscription with the money transfer of the resulting fees.

Don’t forget to mention the Team Name, if you want to appear with two friends in the team ranking.

Please help the organizers with completely and timely filled-in data.

Inscription form:
All pilots must fill in this form in order to obtain all necessary information for the organization. All information will be kept confidential.
Tous les pilotes doivent remplir ce formulaire pour obtenir les infos nécessaire pour son organisation. Tous les infos restent confidentielles.
Family Name (as Shown on your FAI License).
First Name (as Shown on your FAI License)
Team name (Maximum 3 competitors in each team)
Model 1
Model 2
Model 3

For easy organizition with no double frequency, organizer would prefer inscription in 2.4Ghz band or "full synthesizer" equipment (radio and receiver). Please avoid 35MHz and prefer 41MHz or 72MHz if you can to avoid double frequencies. Thanks for understanding.
Pour une organisation plus facile, SVP s'inscrire en 2.4GHz ou "full synthèse" (émetteur et récepteur). SVP vous inscrire on 41 MHz ou 72MHz. Merci
Please indicate your frequency equipment (Synth preferred): 2.4 GHz (preferred)
Synth 40/41MHz
Synth 72MHz
Synth 35MHz (please avoid if you can)
Frequency as indicated below
Frequency 1
Frequency 2
Please indicate additional participants for the dinner banquet. (SVP indiquer des participants supplémentaires au banquet)
intended Payment mode Bank transfer (IBAN/BIC)
PayPal (See special instructions and adapted fees)
Chèque (Pour Français uniquement)
FAI License Number
Email Address
Mobile Phone Number
Postal Address at home (complete)
Sweat-Shirt size M
Additional information to the organiser team.

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Payment of Contest Fee

The contest fee is 70 Euros per competitor and includes the T-Shirt, the Dinner Banquet and some warm coffee on the slope (as practiced the last years ;-). Once the money is transferred and the inscription form filled in, your pre-inscription will be confirmed and the list of participants will be updated (once per week).

Money Transfer can be done on the below bank accounts in Germany (ou par chèque pour les Français). Grouped transfers per Team or nations are possible but please mention the name of the competitors and send an explaining eMail. Payment can as well be done through PayPal but associated charges (approx. 4%) must be added (sorry).

Bank account for international transfers 
  • Account Owner: Andreas FRICKE 
  • Bank address (changed): Fortuneo Banque; 5, place de la Pyramide; 92088 Paris 
  • Bank name: Fortuneo Banque 
  • IBAN: FR76 1451 8292 6700 9249 0724 095 

PayPal Payment

  • email address: a.fricke2 (at)
  • For PayPal payments, the following amounts have to be transferred:
  • 73,00€ per one pilot inscription
  • 26,00€ per additional dinner meal
  • 16,00€ for additional T-Shirt